Out-of-Town Patients

Haideh Hirmand MD
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

For out-of-town patients a long distance initial consultation can be scheduled. Due to differences in time zones it is often most convenient to communicate by email to obtain preliminary information from our office. 

In order to schedule a telephone consultation, Dr. Hirmand will need photographs of the area of interest.  These can either be sent to us via FedEx or similar carrier or by email using high resolution digital images.  If necessary, we can assist you in locating a medical photographer in your city.

As a guide to the photos necessary for Dr. Hirmand to review below is a brief description of the format necessary for evaluation purposes:
  •  Facial photographs should include front and side views as well as a close-up view of the eyes. 
  • Breast photographs should include a front view and oblique view (45 degrees from front) of each side. 
  • Abdominal views (front and side) should include the entire abdomen from the bottom of the breasts to the upper thighs. 
  • Liposuction views should extend from the bottom of the breasts to the knees and include front and back views.
After Dr. Hirmand has evaluated the photographs our patient care coordinator will arrange for a telephone consultation.
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