Haideh Hirmand MD
Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

“Beauty is a passion for life”


At our practice, we are passionate about beauty as well as aesthetic surgery. We are passionate about form and function. We are passionate about new technology that is both safe and effective. Above all, we are passionate about achieving your goals.



We take pride in being a leader in aesthetic plastic surgery. My goal has been to utilize the benefits of cutting edge, non invasive technologies and surgical techniques that have time tested principles, rooted in surgical tradition, to assure patient safety and personalized care. 


In order to achieve the best possible results, the surgical approach is meticulous, the pre-operative process comprehensive, and the post-operative follow-up attentive. With non-invasive procedures, the approach is equally as detailed and the services and devices are well scrutinized for scientific and consistent clinical efficacy.


The right combinations of both technologies, with your preferences in mind, make for optimal results.



My goal has been to bring innovation and quality to my patients while introducing a novel perspective on rejuvenation.


The objectives are to maintain elegance regardless of age, and to highlight the best you. The key to fulfilling this mission is to provide rejuvenation that is appropriate to your age and to who you are. This is what I have called age-appropriate and person-appropriate aesthetic rejuvenation, tailored to your goals.


Extremely critical, is an aesthetic vision of what is attractive and seen as beautiful through the varying stages of life. It is an eye for beauty -- part art, part mathematics of proportions, and part aesthetic philosophy. As surprising as it may sound, some subtle features of youth may not be attractive in age. Understanding this will distinguish the “wanting to look young” look, which implies age, from the “looking naturally youthful at any age” appearance, which implies youth. That is what elegance regardless of age is all about.


It is important to preserve and underscore what is uniquely beautiful in each person. Sustaining the individual beauty of every face is necessary, whether it be the “look of the eyes” or “the character of the smile,” for the face acts as a communicator to the world.  Every face has its own life, and every set of eyes, their own story. Preserving these unique features while enhancing all else is rejuvenation that is all at once invisible, flawless and timeless. I want to show the best you- without changing you.


Welcome to our practice.


Haideh Hirmand, MD


















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