Your consultation consists of at least two meetings, each lasting between thirty minutes to one hour.

During the first session, you will meet Dr. Hirmand and present the issues you would like addressed. You will be examined, pictures will be taken, and recommendations will be discussed at length. You will have sufficient information to make a decision regarding your surgery after this initial meeting. You will meet with the patient coordinator to discuss pre-surgical preparations and fees. If you plan to have your procedure done within three to four months of the time of this initial meeting, we suggest you discuss this with the patient coordinator and book your surgery as early as possible. Additional literature will also be available for you to take home.

The second session of the consultation, which can be scheduled for you within two to three weeks, is an opportunity to discuss any remaining questions regarding the recommended surgical plan with Dr. Hirmand. Your pictures will be reviewed with you during this meeting. We ask that you bring in old photographs of yourself at various intervals if you are having eyelid and facial surgery. Most patients have found this second session valuable, however, you may choose not to take advantage of it or to combine it with your pre-operative visit.

Finally, you will meet with Dr. Hirmand during a brief pre-operative visit during the two weeks prior to surgery to confirm all details and get all last minute questions answered. You may review your photos again at this time. During this process, our patient coordinator will arrange a meeting with you in order to review your surgical plan and pre-operative requirements.

A standard post-operative follow-up consists of visits at one week, three weeks, and six weeks post-operatively and then again at six months and one year. The patient coordinator is available at all times to help you make any pre- and post-surgical arrangements.