2019: What's Trending

Dr. Hirmand's Hot List
2019 Trends

Dr. Hirmand identifies this year's top three aesthetic trends! 

1. Regenerative Aesthetics: Look out for anti-aging technologies that harness your body's own power for rejuvenation - stem cells and growth factors will take center stage with treatments like Nanofat Stem Cell Therapy.

2. Anti-inflammatory Skin Treatments: Research finally supports what we've known for a long time - inflammation is a root cause of skin aging. Anti-inflammatory treatments (and skincare) will make a big entrance, with procedures like Dual Plane Platelet Rich Plasma.

3. Surgery: it's all about the neck! The "jowl lift" surgically tightens the jawline and neck without touching the face itself - with shorter scars and less downtime, the jowl lift is immensely effective for those who aren't candidate for a traditional, full facelift.