International & Out-of-Town Patients

It is our pleasure to accommodate the particular needs of international and out-of-town patients.

As a courtesy, a long distance, pre-consult discussion can be scheduled via phone or video call. International patients and California and Connecticut residents may arrange a pre-consult meeting with Dr. Hirmand, while residents of other states can take advantage of a pre-consult conversation with our experienced Aesthetic

We ask that patients provide our practice with high resolution photographs of the area of interest via certified mail carrier or encrypted email prior to their long-distance appointment. Our practice can assist out of town patients to locate a medical photographer in their area. Please see the photo specifications below. 

As part of our Concierge Services, our staff is available to arrange hotel and travel accommodations on behalf of our patients travelling from abroad. Please contact our office at your convenience to schedule your pre-consult conversation and we will be delighted to make necessary arrangements on your behalf.

Photo Specification

  • Facial photographs should include front and side views as well as a close-up view of the eyes.
  • Breast photographs should include a front view and oblique view (45 degrees from front) of each side.
  • Abdominal views (front and side) should include the entire abdomen from the bottom of the breasts to the upper thighs.
  • Liposuction views should extend from the bottom of the breasts to the knees and include front and back views.