Five rules to follow when considering facial rejuvenation treatments

Dr. Hirmand speaks to the ROAR Newsletter
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    1. Age-Appropriateness

The truth is that I cannot make a 60-year-old face look like a 30-year-old face. That attempt would result in a 60-year-old looking like they are trying to look 30, which is a ridiculous and undesired outcome. Seeking an unblemished, wrinkle-free, and full face of a 20-year-old is not age appropriate at 60, nor is it realistically achievable without creating an artificial face. It is essential to know which "wrinkles to keep." Natural facial rejuvenation should be in a sense ageless and not about looking younger, but instead looking your most youthful self at any age. In practice, I always ask for earlier photos to map out the trajectory of facial aging to preserve the shape and characteristics of the face. However, my goal is to avoid the "wanting to look young" look by staying age-appropriate.

    2. Person-Appropriateness

What is your personal philosophy of aging well when it comes to your appearance? Take time to think about your relationship to yourself, your age, and your looks before embarking on any rejuvenation journey. Prioritize your wants and needs and how they would make you feel.

Avoid blindly following aesthetic prescriptions. Recommendations for facial rejuvenation should not be based solely on an anatomical candidacy, rather they need to consider the personal context of the individual. With my patients, I need to get to know the person, who they are personally and professionally, as well as their goals, before making any recommendations. The key to success is a rejuvenative path compatible with your personal stage in life. For me, that means taking the time to understand my patient's aging journey and developing a plan to facilitate it, ensuring a youthful and elegant look at any age.

    3. Be Realistic

Don't expect facial rejuvenation to solve all your problems. Looking your personal best can definitely have a positive impact on your life, making you feel empowered and boosting your self-confidence. It cannot radically transform your life, though, and will not magically fix any deeply rooted psychological issues or compensate for a lack of ability. Make sure that, when seeking an aesthetic treatment, you are heading into it for the right reasons and with realistic expectations about its impact.

    4. 360 Degree Approach

Your appearance is a mirror of your internal well-being. Facial rejuvenation needs to be a complementary part of an overall effort to optimize your health. Do you eat healthily and exercise regularly? Are you getting enough high-quality sleep? Do you have a sense of purpose and a positive outlook on life? Nutrition, disease prevention and management, sleep, fitness level, psychological well-being, and a fulfilling sex life all crucially contribute to how you look. To truly achieve rejuvenation, don't just focus on looking good on the surface without considering the deeper impact of all crucial factors on your health. After all, your skin is the largest organ in your body. Start taking 360-degree care of yourself, and watch your appearance transform as you begin radiating a healthy and youthful glow.

    5. Seek True Impact

Aesthetic Medicine, like most modern medicine, has so far focused almost exclusively on treating the signs of aging: treating wrinkles and tightening skin that has loosened. A true impact approach stands for going further than just "medicating" the signs and symptoms of aging. By discerning the mechanisms behind aging, we can tackle the process at its root to prioritize preventative and regenerative care. Our new platform "Aesthetic Intelligence" is creating a more intelligent approach to rejuvenation, utilizing cutting-edge diagnostics in a novel algorithm to effectively slow down, prevent, and even reverse the aging process altogether.