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To our patients and our community: I hope this finds all of you safe during this unprecedented health crisis. I want to personally continue my dialogue with you  and will be updating the below pages in real time. We will continue to be available to you via e-mail and phone as usual. 

I am currently offering virtual, Telemedicine urgent care evaluations for our patients who believe that they or their family members may be experiencing early symptoms of a cold, flu, or Covid-19. There is no fee for this service. Please click below for details. 

-Dr. Hirmand

Covid-19 Urgent Care Evaluations: Now Available

Dear Patients:

Effective April 1st, I will be personally offering virtual, Telemedicine evaluations for our patients who believe that they or their family members may be experiencing early symptoms of a cold, flu, or Covid-19. There is no fee for this service.

Why I am doing this:

My goal is to keep our communities safe and alleviate the overwhelming stress on our medical personnel and facilities.

New York medical facilities (including New York Presbyterian, where I am on staff) are overwhelmed with patients: some have Covid-19 and others do not. Remember, it is possible to catch a cold or mild flu during this time, unrelated to Covid-19. It’s difficult to know what to do when you begin to feel unwell. 

If you are displaying mild to moderate flu or cold like symptoms, it is best to be evaluated virtually before reporting to a facility in person – the risks are potentially higher if you are not infected. If you cannot reach or see your doctor, or are unable to reach an ER Telemedicine service, we are available to help.

*If you are experiencing severe shortness of breath and/or severe debilitating symptoms, immediately report to an emergency room.

What is a Covid-19 Telemedicine Evaluation?

A Telemedicine consult is a video-call during which I do a full evaluation of your symptoms and make recommendations: i.e. report to an emergency room immediately, self-monitor at home, etc. Our practice has set up a dedicated, HIPPA compliant Telemedicine service for this purpose.

How to schedule:

To schedule, email us at Write “Covid-19 Virtual Consult Needed” in the subject line. Add URGENT to the subject line if your symptoms are severe and I will try to accommodate it on an expedited basis.

Many of our patients are from out-of-town, out-of-state and international. This service is open to all, regardless of geographic location.  If you are in a different time zone, we will coordinate a time that works.

With very healthy wishes,

Dr. Hirmand

Practice Update

June 8th, 2020

We're open! 

April 24th, 2020

Dr. Hirmand is joined on her Instagram Live "Global Beauty Space" segment by Dr. Tunc Tiryaki, Turkish Plastic Surgeon & Key Opinion Leader, to discuss the potential use for Stem Cells for Covid 19.

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April 12th, 2020

Dr. Hirmand on Instagram Live!  Post-Covid: Your Questions Answered.

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March 30th, 2020

Dear Patients, 

I hope this message finds each and every one of you and your families well and safe during this unprecedented health crisis.

I wanted to reach out to personally to give you an update on our practice during this unprecedented health crisis. I thought it important to continue my communication and dialogue with all of you as we all go through this period. Our office is, of course, closed at this time, but we will continue to be available to you via e-mail and phone as usual.

*Practice Update

I voluntarily closed the office as of March 13th out of concern for the health of our patients and staff. We had functioned for a number of weeks with strict screening guidelines and elevated in-office protocols. I had been monitoring the news out of China since December 2019 and was following the scientific publications. Due to this, we obtained N-95 masks for our staff to use personally as well as in office use, and required all clinical providers to wear them during all procedures. I also rescheduled all upcoming elective surgeries in March. As you are aware, the official stay at home was announced by Governor Cuomo on March 22nd. 

We are keeping in contact with our patients who have scheduled surgeries and appointments. We have offered a Telemedicine option to all of our patients who have or were seeking consultations. Everyone is wondering how long this will last and when life can resume. I have been thinking and evaluating as well. I believe if we all do our part, we are looking at mid-May as an optimistic estimate and June for a realistic estimate for a slow resurgence. If the measures are not effective, it could be longer. This is a more complex problem that meets the eye, since many states will be on different timelines and many countries will be on different timelines.    

*Virtual Covid-19 Evaluations

I will be offering virtual, Telemedicine evaluations, for our patients who believe that they or their family members may be experiencing symptoms a cold, flu, or symptoms suggestive of Covid-19. There is no fee for this service.

My goal is to help with the care of those who cannot access their usual medical channels easily, and to alleviate the overwhelming stress on our ER's and medical facilities. You’ll be receiving a follow up e-mail for details on this offering. Click below for information on how to schedule.

During this period, I will continue to send updates via emails. I will also stay connected through Instagram (@drhirmand), where I’ll be sharing updates on everything from Covid-19 to health and beauty in this time of crisis.

I’m also interested in hearing directly from you so that I can address the topics that you find most important and interesting. Please feel free to send me a direct message on Instagram with questions and topics you’d like me to cover.  And if you want to  check in for any reason whatsoever,  email me at and include “During the Covid Crisis” in the subject line. It may take a little longer than the usual to hear back if a response is requested so I appreciate your patience. 

I am certain that we will get through this. However, I know our lives are going to change for a while and certainly the manner with which we conduct ourselves will, until there is an effective vaccine and clinical treatment protocols that work. These are anywhere from months to a year away. 

In the meantime, what matters is to realize that we are all connected. The world is changing as we speak. People are re-evaluating their lives. And we are all realizing what is really important. 

And that there is power in unity. Stay put, stay safe. 


Dr. Hirmand