“I base my consultations around a concept that I call Optimal Aesthetic Synergy.  My goal is to combine non-surgical technologies, treatment level skincare and surgical options in the right proportion to achieve maximum results.”

 —Haideh Hirmand/MD
Before Your Consultation

Introduction: Our Aesthetic Coordinator will contact you prior to your visit to introduce herself and identify your goals for your consultation.  Our Aesthetic Coordinator will be your main point of contact and will guide you through your aesthetic treatment plan. 

How to Prepare: For eye and facial rejuvenation consults, we ask that you bring portrait-style photos of yourself from your twenties or thirties to your appointment.  Dr. Hirmand has a shape preserving approach to rejuvenation and will use these photos to identify your unique, native features and track any age-related changes.

We ask that you complete the patient information and health history forms that will be emailed to you prior to your visit.

Your Consultation

Consultations can last from 30 minutes to one hour based on the type and number of topics you wish to discuss.  Your photos will be taken and your health and treatment history reviewed. Your consultation with include:

1. Meeting with Dr. Hirmand: you will have the opportunity to present your topics of concern and discuss your aesthetic goals in depth.  Dr. Hirmand will perform a full evaluation and create an individualized treatment plan of surgical, non-surgical and skincare options that will best achieve your goals.  Dr. Hirmand will address all questions regarding her technique and your expected outcome. 

2. Skincare Evaluation: Our Nurse Practitioner is available to discuss your skincare regimen and help identify areas for improvement. 

3. Meeting with Aesthetic Coordinator: You will have the opportunity to review before and after photos and discuss scheduling and price quotes. Procedure information and instructions will be provided. A digital copy of your treatment plan will be emailed to you after your consultation. 

4. Second visit for Surgical ConsultsFor those planning to schedule surgery, a second visit with Dr. Hirmand within three months of your initial consult is included.  You will speak with our Aesthetic Coordinator prior to the visit to plan for this question-and-answer session.

Ongoing Evaluation

Treatment Plan Review: As you progress with you treatment plan, our Aesthetic Coordinator and  Nurse Practitioner will conduct a scheduled check-in to evaluate your progress and remind you of next steps.

Annual EvaluationFor those who receive regular non-surgical treatments every year, a formal annual consult visit may be scheduled with Dr. Hirmand at the time of your next treatment to assess your progress and adjust your treatment course as needed.