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SkinLabRx is Dr. Hirmand's highly personalized regenerative Aesthetic Center of Excellence that offers the latest in non-surgical technology, lasers, and skincare treatments. The Center's signature SkinRegeneRx program focuses on anti-inflammatory and bio-stimulatory treatments that supercharge the skin's own power for cellular and molecular regeneration. These treatments not only remodel the skin to improve tone, texture, thickness, and pigmentation for a more youthful appearance, but also slow down the pace and course of skin-aging.

Drawing on her expertise in the latest surgical and non-surgical techniques, Dr. Hirmand has designed a multifaceted program of bio-regenerative aesthetic treatments that expand the spectrum of rejuvenation.

Skin RegeneRx

Dr. Hirmand's Signature Platform


Using the body’s own biological factors, these bio-stimulatory treatments work on a cellular level to remodel & thicken the skin. Enhancing the skin’s structural integrity redirects the course of skin aging, supporting and preserving the natural and youthful shape of the eyes and face.

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Microneedling + Exosomes Platelet-derived exosomes regenerate the skin through collagen and elastin production, oxygenation, and the release of growth factors and antioxidants. Microneedling creates micropores in the skin, facilitating the immediate delivery of the exosome serum to the dermis. Series of 3 recommended. Package pricing available. Read more.

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Platelet Rich Plasma – A powerful solution of platelets obtained from your own blood is injected into the skin, stimulating growth factors, decreasing inflammation, and improving skin quality. Now available for hair loss. Series of 3 recommended. Package pricing available. Read more.

From $950

Microneedling + PRP – The crown jewel of our SkinRegeneRx regenerative platform. Uses microneedling & Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) derived from each person’s own blood to promote collagen synthesis, blood supply, and nutritive growth factors. Tightens, brightens, resurfaces, and renews skin with no downtime. Safe for all skin types. Series of 3 recommended. Package pricing available. Read more.

From $1,250

Advanced Micro Filler – Droplets of HA filler are injected into the skin’s surface, stimulating collagen and elastin. Remodels, repairs, and rehydrates damaged skin. Combine with PRP for amplified results. Performed by Dr. Hirmand. Series of 3 recommended. Package pricing available. Read more.

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Stem Cell + Therapy – Nanofat is a powerful solution of stem cells and growth factors collected from your own fat. Nanofat is injected or needled into the skin to remodel and reverse damage in delicate areas, including under-eye circles, fine lines, and wrinkles. Performed by Dr. HirmandRead more.