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Dr. Hirmand is proud to announce the launch of the new SkinLabRx – a highly personal SurgiSpa offering the latest in technology and skin care treatments to effectively revitalize the face and body. Drawing on her expertise in the latest surgical and non-invasive techniques, Hirmand has designed a multifaceted program of signature aesthetic treatments that expand the spectrum of rejuvenation.

Providing the same level of individualized care that defines Dr. Hirmand’s practice, SkinLabRx offers a uniquely personal experience by pairing each individual with a Personal Aesthetic Consultant who can design highly customized treatment plans and oversee results. SkinLabRx transcends the offerings of the traditional MedSpa by offering a first-of-it’s-kind Radience Membership option.

SkinLabRx is your Aesthetic Prescription.

Skin RegeneRx

Bioregenerative treatment platform designed by Dr. Hirmand

Bioregenerative Anti-Aging therapies utilize the body’s own biological factors to supercharge healing and rejuvenation for the most powerful results with no downtime.

From $1250

Microneedling + PRP – The crown jewel of our SkinRegeneRx regenerative platform. Uses microneedling & Platelet Rich Plasma derived from each person’s own blood to promote collagen synthesis, blood supply and nutritive growth factors. Tightens, brightens, resurfaces and renews skin with no downtime. Safe for all skin types. Series of 3 recommended. Package pricing available.